Products That Truly MakeSense!
Our products are fully guaranteed to wear on the skin a minimum of 4-18 hours and are WaterProof!  SmearProof!  KissProof!  Contains Botanical SPF 15.  If you are unsure about what colors to order call 303 410 1464 or make an online appointment for a free consultation!  Click on the images below to order and use Distributor 759455.
Scrub and Exfoliate, Moisturize and Hydrate
Liners, Shadows, Mascaras, Brow and Lash Builder
Use ourLiquid Makeup and Mineral Powders to Protect and Nourish
A Variety of LipColor Options
Start with SeneDerm's Simple 4 Step System
Specially Formulated to Disengage theMechanical Shield Provided by SenseCosmetics
Luxurious Bath Salts and Body Moisturizers
SeneGence International® presents long-lasting beauty and benefits, whether product is bought as a Customer or sold as a Distributor.  Use ID 759455.